Random Seeded Teams Draw

The draw was made last night after Bridge in The Bugle Horn. The teams are:

Team 1: Dave and Sally, Fred and Jayne
Team 2: Andy and Derrick, Salma and Jean
Team 3: Lynda and Charles, Sandra and Tina
Team 4: Pat and Nigel, Liz and Judy
Team 5: Tony and Jean, Kate and Dick
Team 6: Fiona and John, Anthony and Jean
Team 7: Peter and Corinne, Dave and Ann
Team 8: Barry and Lesley, Sandra and Ann
Team 9: Pat and Shirley, Sheila and Chris
Team 10: John and Monica, Debbie and Veronika
Team 11: Jim and David, Julia and Helen

Play will start at 2 pm with an interval for an afternoon tea (sandwiches and cake). Sue Milner has also kindly volunteered to put our afternoon tea together. Dave Williams has kindly agreed to direct and Pat Lucas to score.

We look forward to a pleasant afternoon of bridge.

Curry Bridge March ’24 Update 26,551

More news, you despair!

Jackie has very kindly offered to let us have the whole pub for the evening. Yippee!!!

That means those of you who thought you were lucky enough to escape now can’t! I will put any who notified me down to come and anyone else who thought they missed out, please contact me.



Wednesday 21st February 7 – 9 pm
The lesson next Wednesday is entitled
‘Which card to play. Second Hand, Third Hand, Covering Honours’
All are welcome.

Curry Bridge

Just to let everyone know, Curry Bridge is now fully booked!!!

If you would still like to come, please send me your details and I will put you on the reserve list. Please email f.myers@levertonfarm.co.uk.

Many thanks (Don’t send any money at this stage or I may have to launder it back to you in cash!)

Curry Bridge Update

Me being vague!
I didn’t put my contact details in, The more intelligent of you will have worked it out (that wouldn’t include me!).
It is f.myers@levertonfarms.co.uk . Please DO NOT reply directly to this blog,.

Only 4 places left, I sound like a ticket tout!
Also I need more enthusiasm for the annual dinner on May the 4th!


Curry bridge evening Wednesday 27th March 6.30 for 7pm

You will be pleased to know that we are organising another Curry Bridge Evening, this time it is at Oscar’s Inn, in Newark by kind invitation of Jackie Jackson.
(Not to be confused with Oscar’s Restaurant)

This doesn’t mean it is free! It will cost you £12 per head. You will be pleased to know that I believe she has a very good chef.

There are only 36 places (as the room is not as large as Newark) and the places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

You will need to pay me, in the same way as the Annual Dinner, and my details are Frederick Myers, sort code 30-97-95, account number 00232850.


We have been notified of the following Charity Bridge Day:


Monday 4th March 2024
10.00 for 10.30 am
Tickets £25 to include:
Coffee on arrival
2 Course Lunch with Glass of Wine
Tea and Biscuits
Please take your own Bidding Boxes
Raffle in aid of Captain’s Charity:
Butterfly Hospice
Tickets available from
Jane Marriott – 07597 900703
Ruth Street – 01205 368344

I wonder how the bidding went?

I wasn’t able to make it to Bridge last night but, as always, was keen to peruse the results this morning. It is great to see some of our “beginners/improvers” in the top half of the table – well done Margaret and Susanne and also Julia and Helen (again!).
Board 17 caught my eye. It’s a great example of a “distributional” hand where suit shortages make up for fewer points.

Would you pass with that North hand? After all, it only has 10 points in it. No, you would upgrade its’ strength (to maybe 15 or 16 points) because it contains two singletons. An opening bid of 1 Diamond would come as a bit of a surprise to South who should immediately be thinking “Game or Slam”?

For those of you interested in losing trick count (and you should be!) North, as opener, will have a maximum of 7 losers. Once a fit is found (and that’s important!), South has only 6 losers, in fact, you could argue that South has only 5 losers because, given the bidding, the QDs is most unlikely to be a loser. Add the combined number of losers (13 or 12) and deduct from 18 (= 5 or 6). That gives you the level you should bid to. Which takes us back to where we started from – “Game or Slam? “i.e. 5 or 6 Diamonds? In fact the North hand is better than 7 losers – it only has 6 losers once Diamonds are agreed.

Most N/S pairs were in 5 Diamonds, always making 12 tricks. However, one ambitious pair did manage to find the (unbeatable) small slam in Diamonds. I wonder how the bidding went? The crucial issue is to ensure that the partnership isn’t missing two aces (a distinct possibility when your opponents have 14 points between them). So some form of ace-asking convention would be essential. If want to know how to arrive in 6 Diamonds you’ll have to ask the successful pair. Drum roll for …………………. Barry and Lesley Leverett.

Annual Dinner 4/5/24

The Bassingham Bridge Club is having its Annual Dinner at the Bentley Hotel on Saturday 4th May. 7pm.
(I finally got my act together!)

The cost to you for the three course meal plus teas and coffees will be £30.
The Club are subsidising this to make sure it is good value however this year we aren’t providing the first drink.
(Tough, there’s only so much I dare shock Barry with!)

Bad news, you will need to pay me along with giving me your menu choices.

My account details are:-
Frederick Myers
Sort Code 30-97-95
Account 00232850

Menu choices:-

Carrot and Coriander Soup or
Smoked Salmon and Dill Roulade.

Blade of Beef on a bed of mash, seasonal veg and red wine jus. (I’ve gone posh!) or
Chicken in a Dijon Cream served with fondant potatoes and seasonal veg or
Tomato and Basil Gnocchi with a salad garnish and garlic bread.

Sticky Toffee Pudding and Custard or
White Chocolate and Lemon Roulade.

Answers on a postcard to Fred at f.myers@levertonfarms.co.uk please.