General Data Protection Regulations: May 2018

Disclosure Permission and Membership Confirmation FormThe wonderful thing about Bassingham Bridge Club is our growing membership and the friendly nature of the club. We have for a long number of years been able to run the club on “table money” meaning we have not asked the membership for an annual renewal fee and hence are often not informed when peoples’ details change. They may have in that time decided for their own personal reasons to leave the club, they may have left the area or simply no longer wish to play bridge. It is therefore important both legally and administratively to update our membership records and ensure the information we hold on you is accurate and that we only use it in accordance with your wishes. We also clearly need to understand that you still wish to remain a member Bassingham Bridge Club ( and we hope you do) and hence the number of current members we have.
Under the GDPR the Club is obliged to seek permission from you about what personal information is disclosed to other members in organising its events, leagues, knock out competitions and social events.
Please note that the Club is entitled to publish your name on our website in the results section. No other personal information is on the website without your personal permission
It is most important that you understand you have to ”opt in” to your information being provided for each specific purpose shown below; if not we cannot share your details with other team members or Captains as an example. No information will be shared without your consent. Sadly, we do need one form for each member.
So, I ask you all to please to complete the following form and return it to me:
by printing it, completing it and handing it to me or to any member of the Committee.

Tower Bridge, Christmas Closure and Panto!

First two reminders:

1. Bridge this Thursday – Dec. 1st – will be in the Tower. (The WI are using the Main Hall)

2. There will be no Bridge Club sessions on Tuesday 27th, Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th December. Normal Bassingham Bridge Club sessions will resume on Tuesday 3rd January.


Oh yes it is…… ! ………nearly……… time for the Village Panto. It has become a tradition over the years that a group from Bassingham Bridge Club goes to watch the Annual Performance. This year it is The Little Mermaid, on Friday January 27th. If you would like to go along, tickets are £9 which I will be able to buy on Friday 4th January. Since there will be no Bridge Club on Thursday 29th December I will need orders and payment by Thursday 22nd December – our Christmas Bridge Evening. You can book your tickets by replying to this email or when you next see me.


Random Seeded Teams Event

Sunday 4th December at 2 pm
We currently have 8 and a half tables for this competition and would really like to make it up to 9 full tables. If any couple would like to take part in this event then please contact me before the end of November.
It is free and for members of Bassingham Bridge Club only.
Details are on the front page of Bassingham Bridge’s website.

Random Seeded Teams Competition

Sunday 4th December 2022 2 pm to approximately 6 pm

Our next random seeded competition is a little later this year and being held as above. This is a friendly afternoon of bridge for all abilities. Players enter in pairs and the first half are seeded with the remainder drawn randomly to join them as a team of 4. Play begins at 2 pm and is usually completed by 6 pm. There will be a break half way through when an afternoon tea (sandwiches and cake) will be served.
This competition is open to all Bassingham Bridge Club members. Please submit the names of your pairs to Pat Haslam by the end of November.
Pat’s email:
Pat’s mobile: 07941159982

Learning from mistakes.

This post is a bit of an experiment, on a rainy day, to see if I can publish and use hands from recent club nights as a teaching/learning exercise. Fingers crossed! If there is no image of the hand with this text, then it won’t make much sense and I apologise. All the hands from Thursday evening are published with the results.

Board one was the first board we played on Thursday evening. It gave me an early opportunity to make my first mistake of the evening! Terry Atkinson, sitting East, correctly judged that his hand was a fraction too weak to open one heart and so he chose to open two hearts (six hearts and 6 – 10 points).

I was sitting South and chose to bid 2 Spades rather than double as I didn’t think my minor suit Kings had much of a chance. My partner, Bill sitting North, not knowing much about my strength, bid an invitational 3 Spades which was passed round. Without a Heart bid from East, West is unlikely to lead a heart, but John Luckraft was happy to lead his King of Hearts from Kx, knowing his partner had heart strength.

So, how did the play go? Can you see how to make 9 tricks in Spades? If you are a beginner/improver, stop and think about it for a minute or two.

East quite cleverly overtook the King of hearts with his ace just in case the King was a singleton, continued with the Queen and then led the Ten. What do I do? I know that West can over-ruff if I ruff small and, as the cards lie, I have two diamond losers which will leave me one off. This is where I went astray – I chose to ruff high in hand with the ace of Spades. I then drew two rounds of trumps with the King and Queen of Spades. That meant that West was left with a boss trump (the Jack) and I still had two diamond tricks to lose.

Can you see what I should have done? On the third round of hearts I must resist the temptation to ruff and simply ditch a diamond loser instead. What can East do? Nothing. If he continues Hearts then Dummy can over-ruff anything that West plays. Any other suit, I get in and draw trumps in three rounds, leading a Diamond from Dummy to hand thus ensuring that the only other trick I lose is the ace of Diamonds.

All the best! Andy

Individual Trophy Final

Saturday 1st April
At our last committee meeting it was decided to publish the date for the final of the Individual Trophy Competition. This is traditionally held on Saturday and therefore 1st April has been selected. Please keep this date free if you are likely to be involved. The top 8 players are in the final. However, if one were not free it would go to the next best player.

Tower Date Correction

The WI will be using the Hammond Halll on the 1st December, not as previously stated, on the 8th. So therefore bridge on the 1st Dec. will take place in the Tower. The 6th October date is unchanged. Apologies for this error.

Fifth Thursday & Bridge in the Tower

As this Thursday is the fifth Thursday of this month, people who have recently learnt to play bridge are encouraged to come along. The pace of play will be slower than normal and experienced players will be ready to encourage and give advice.

A reminder that on the 6th October and the 8th December the WI will be using the Main Hall, so bridge will take place in the Tower Room. As there is less space in the Tower, some teams arrange League Matches on these evenings.

Ravens Hall Hotel bridge break

Monday 24th April 2023

Following on from booking our November bridge break in Scarborough Jayne and I also found a very nice venue to play at in April.

At the moment I would mainly like an indication from those of you who would like to come, again it is for three nights starting on Monday 24th April through to Thursday 27th.

This is aimed at more experienced players but non-playing partners are welcome.

As a rough guide the break will cost about £300 per person all in but there may be a surplus for single rooms.

Please reply to Please let me have yours and your partners name and any particular room requests.

A deposit of £75 will be due by 1st November when I have to pay the hotel. If you do feel a need to pay me, my bank details are:-

Fred Myers

Account number 00232850

Sort code 30-97-95.

Fred and Jayne

Palm Court break

There’s good news and bad news!

In four days we are now fully booked so sorry if you are still hoping to come. I will create a waiting list if there are any cancellations.

Thank you for your prompt responses.