The best laid plans ….

Many thanks to all those of you who turned up for our first “virtual” F2F session yesterday evening – I think I counted 38 of you on-line at one point! So 38 apologies that the session didn’t happen and, at the time, we were at a loss to explain why. It was nothing to do with our registration fee. It was an administrative mix-up to do with timings – more their end than ours. We will resolve it for next time. As one member said to me “It’s a steep learning curve”.

It meant that Shirley and Bill could have a nice romantic, candlelit, dinner together rather than playing Bridge on their 65th Wedding Anniversary! I noticed that many of you managed to successfully get some Bridge in all the same. 5 pairs played in DIDO and special mention to PatL and DerekC, also Roger and Margaret S – both pairs were in the “Top 50” out of 650+ players last night.

We very much hope that all problems will be resolved for next week both for Heighington on Monday and Bassingham on Thursday.

Pat Lucas has (slightly reluctantly) asked if this next item can be published on our Blog:
“Hi everyone. Much as I would like to brush this under the carpet without mention, I think it’s only fair that I should give you all the heads up about it. I decided to give my TV quizzing hobby one last go and was fortunate enough to get a place on the latest series of Who Wants to be a Millionaire? If you would like to witness me making one of the worst decisions of my life then try and catch up with the episode due to be shown next Wednesday, 9th September. I think I will be self-isolating for the next year after this!”

As I said to Pat – those things look so much easier from the comfort of an armchair! We are all very proud of her quizzing pedigree!

Stay safe and stay sane. Andy