Club AGM – Important Notice

This notice is to confirm that the club AGM will be held in Hammond Hall, Bassingham on Thursday 27th April 2023 with a prompt 6.30pm start as we hope to be able to play bridge from 7.00pm.

The purpose of this notice is to give you the opportunity to take part in the running of your club and to give you some time to consider either a role you would be interested in taking on or by providing us with a proposal (motion) which either alters the constitution under which the club is run or one which would alter another area of running of the the club.

The meeting has to be run under the conditions laid down by the constitution ( which is available to all on the club web site) . In this are set down time lines for the receipt of nominations for officers of the club and for proposals to affect the running of the club.

So if you would like to be an officer of the club ( Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary or Treasurer) then you MUST hand or e mail your nomination to me by the 31st March 2023. These should include the signature of not only the nominee but also a proposer and seconder. Please note as per the constitution all members of the current committee MUST retire at the AGM but are eligible to be re-elected. Accordingly they have all indicated a willingness to re -stand. It is very important to understand that only in the case of no nomination being received are we allowed to accept nominations from the floor on the day.

In a similar way we invite nominations for the other 2 committee posts. For these roles nomination ( with proposers and seconders) can be accepted up to and including the date of the meeting. However I would ask for them to be sent /handed to me at the earliest opportunity please. Again the existing members must retire but have indicated their willingness to re -stand.

Should you wish to propose a motion to be discussed at the AGM then I must receive written notice of the motion together with the names of the proposer and seconder

a) for all matters that would require a change to the constitution 28 days prior to the meeting ( ie Thursday 30th March 2023)

b) for all other matter 21 days prior to the meeting ( ie Thursday 6th April 2023).

I will of course issue an agenda 14 days prior to the meeting which will include details of all nominations and motions received.

Thank you all and I do hope you are all able to carry on enjoying your bridge

Jim Wallace

Club Secretary.