Ties in a KO match

We have just had our first drawn match. Neither team knew what to do!
They should have looked in competitions on the webste.
Unfortunately when I did that there was a blank page and so far I haven’t been ablto upload the rule so far.
What teams should do is play another 4 boards (tossing a coin for choosing opponents)to get a winner if still getting a tie keep playing 4 boards ntil you get a winner.


League & KO Competition Substitutes

The Fixtures for both events are now on the website and all teams complete.
I am now compiling a list of members willing to fill in as a substitute if required. This is an ideal opportunity for members to experience “teams” bridge and perhaps enter in a team in future years.
If you wold like to be added to the list please let me know, either on a club night or email to royhughes9@btinternet.cpm

Chairman’s Address 2019

Our membership, on our records now after removing some non-attendees, stands at around 139. We have had 15 & 16 tables for a few weeks, and though one or two more tables are quite manageable, to guard against suddenly getting a sudden influx the committee have decided to restrict the total membership to 150.  

The Committee is continuously investigating methods for dealing and scoring events. By sharing the cost with Heighington Bridge Club it gives us the opportunity to consider more systems. In the past couple of months we have obtained “Handydup” dealing system and been using it. Print outs of the hands have been available after each session. Preparing the hands each week is quite labour intensive, so my thanks to those who have been doing this. In particular Dave, Andy, Tony and Barry. I shall be taking a straw poll of member’s views especially whether they want the printed copies available or whether they would be content to view them on the website.

Our Charity Bridge day this year is in aid of Age UK. My thanks to all the members and non-members who are involved in all the preparations and running of the event and providing the refreshments. We would always welcome some more volunteers. Please contact your committee if you can help out, especially over the lunch period.

The usual ancillary events have been held during the year and enjoyed by all who attended.

The two curry evenings at the Newark Golf Club had maximum attendances. The Panto evening with after theatre refreshments at the Leveretts was well attended as was the strawberry and xmasmince pie evenings. Dave again organised two Norfolk bridge breaks

Our thanks go to all the various organisers.

A round up of this year’s competition winners is:

Nov RST :- Bill & Shirley Holmes, John Collins, Carmen Howard,

Feb RST:- Roger & Margaret Shelley, Roger Baker, Iain Dalziel

Pairs Trophy:- Roy Hughes & Derrick Hickson

Individual Trophy:- Final to be played on 24th April

Founder’s Trophy (Handicap):- Bob & Kathy Davies

Tom Semens Trophy (Most Slams):- Carolyn Morant

Mary Spittles Trophy (KO):- Final Shelley v Hughes to be played on 23rd April

League:- Roy Hughes, Andy Milner, Jayne Barrett, Debbie Locker

There are two motions re competitions for the AGM one for the Individual and one for the league Since Lesley’s proposal was circulated re the Individual there have been several amendments. I would like to have this matter cleared up before the first heat is due on the first Thursday in May. Normally, dependent upon the views of the meeting, the final outcome wold go back to the committee for finalising.

The second proposal from Nigel Haslam is too restrictive, The ranking grade will vary quite noticeably over a season. Pairs should be graded into different bands teams paired with pairs from a set band, allowing some teams to form geographically. The committee has already agreed to introduce substitute monitoring which should satisfy the perceived disadvantage that could be given to a team. \lsdpr

Team Entries 2019 – 2020

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Knock-Out Teams and League Teams 2019-2020

It’s that time of year again when pairs wanting to play in these events must enter. There is a change in the rules for the league this year so please read the rules for competitions on the web site. Please let me have your entries by March 28th.

KO Teams (Mary Spittles Cup)

Any partnership may enter this competition. When all the entries are in pairs will be seeded, mainly from the years averages, and the bottom half will be draw to play with a pair from the top half.


Depending on total entries teams will be drawn into two divisions and the winners of each division will play for the trophy. You may enter as a team of 4, 5 or 6 players. It is advisable for teams to have at least 5 players as it becomes difficult for teams to arrange fixtures if any team member has a long holiday or period of sickness. Please enter your team indicating who is the match organiser.


Please send your entries, preferably by email to royhughes9@btinternet.com

RST 18th Nov 2018

Random Seeded Teams – Sunday 18th November 2018


1.    Roy Hughes & Derrick Hickson

Carol Smith & Sheila Henry

2.    Bill & Shirley Holmes

Carmen Howard & John Collins

3.    Dave Lucas & Ann Ford

Fred Myers & Jayne Barrett

4.    Peter & Corinne Cole

     Rick & Salma Pierson

5.    Dave & Sally Williams

Fiona Wright & Chris Pearson

6.    Pat & Nigel Haslam

Bob & Cathy Davis

7.    Barry & Lesley Leverett

Roger Baker & Iain Dalziel

8.    John Lucraft & Andy Milner

Babs Wade & Barbara Smith

9.    Alan Timmis & Peter Phillips

Mareen Semens & Bill Coggins


Above are the teams with table numbers(the seeded pairs listed first). Seeded pairs are to sit N/S (unless for physical reasons). Doors open at 1 p.m. Please arrive as early as you can to deal and record the three hands on the table ready to start play at 1.30 p.m. Please check carefully that the cards are inserted and listed correctly

There will be a break after four rounds when refreshments will be served. Play should finish by

5.30 p.m. The results will be completed soon afterwards and we should be ready to clear away ready to lock up by 6.30 p.m.


If anyone finds they are unable to play on the 18th please let me know as soon as possible.

Club Pairs Trophy – 11th Oct 2018

Please note that the workmen are changing the heating this Thursday and have use of the Hall until 7.00 p.m. so we probably won’t be able to get into the hall until then. Will players aim to arrive then , but be seated by 7.15 p.m.

Play will start as soon as we are ready after then. The hall is booked until 10.30 p.m , so play will continue until then if necessary

Random Seeded Teams Nov 2018

Random Seeded Teams – 18thnd November 2018


This will be held at the Hammond Hall on Sunday 18th November starting at 1.30 p.m.

Pairs are invited to enter and when 18 pairs have entered 9 pairs will be seeded from the latest percentages and the unseeded 9 pairs will be drawn to make 9 teams of four. A team of four movement will be played in which each team will play 3 boards against each other team.

There is no table money, refreshments are served half way and there will be a prize for each member of the winning team.


Please give your entries to Roy Hughes (by hand, phone or email)

Entries will appear below. If your entry hasn’t appeared within two days chase me up.


Entries for R.S.T.