Cheque presentation to Macmillan Cancer Support

Our charity bridge day this year raised £1400 (after all donations etc. were included and some rounding up). A big thank you to all those who helped or contributed in some way.
This is a record for the club. The presentation will take place at about 6-45pm on Thursday 1st November, to a representative from Macmillan Cancer Support.

Missing DVD

One of the Club DVDs – Splinters and Cue-Bids – has been returned minus the actual DVD.  If you have borrowed this DVD in the past, would you please check that you don’t still have it at home.


REMINDER – Curry Bridge Evening next Wednesday (17th).  Please be seated by 7pm.  Consequently there will be no Wednesday Evening Bridge at The Hammond Hall


Club Pairs Trophy – 11th Oct 2018

Please note that the workmen are changing the heating this Thursday and have use of the Hall until 7.00 p.m. so we probably won’t be able to get into the hall until then. Will players aim to arrive then , but be seated by 7.15 p.m.

Play will start as soon as we are ready after then. The hall is booked until 10.30 p.m , so play will continue until then if necessary

Random Seeded Teams Nov 2018

Random Seeded Teams – 18thnd November 2018


This will be held at the Hammond Hall on Sunday 18th November starting at 1.30 p.m.

Pairs are invited to enter and when 18 pairs have entered 9 pairs will be seeded from the latest percentages and the unseeded 9 pairs will be drawn to make 9 teams of four. A team of four movement will be played in which each team will play 3 boards against each other team.

There is no table money, refreshments are served half way and there will be a prize for each member of the winning team.


Please give your entries to Roy Hughes (by hand, phone or email)

Entries will appear below. If your entry hasn’t appeared within two days chase me up.


Entries for R.S.T.


Many thanks to those of you who arrive early and help with setting up and shuffling the cards.  If you haven’t done so already, please take a couple of minutes to watch (and listen to) the shuffling video that I have produced.  There is a link to the video on the website homepage (bottom right hand corner).


Bassingham Bridge Club Improvers’ Course

This course will start on September 26th, 7-10 pm at the Hammond Hall and details can be found on the Club website and on the notice board in the Hammond Hall foyer.

This course is not for complete beginners.  It is an extension of the Beginners’ course started last September and would also be suitable for anyone who has played before socially and would like to learn Basic Acol and start playing duplicate bridge.



Bassingham Bridge Club Blog

From now on you will be receiving information on a regular basis from Bassingham Bridge Club Committee Members via email from  the newly established Blog, which is basically a virtual noticeboard.  You can access the Blog yourself by going to  You will find a link there to the Club website and soon a link will be established from the website to the Blog. This means that you will be able to see the same information on the Blog that you will be  receiving by email.