League and Knock Out Competitions

The teams for these competitions were drawn last night and now appear on our website. Where captains are already known they are indicated on the website. Would the remaining teams, for both competitions, please decide who their captain is going to be and let me know as soon as possible. I can then let those people have all the contact details that they need.

Please take note of the dates of each round so that matches can be completed on time.

Many thanks

League and Knock Out Competitions

The entries for both the League and Knock Out Competitions are now closed. The League teams for 2023/24 are listed below:

The draws for League Divisions and the Knock Out Teams will take place in The Bugle Horn following bridge on Thursday evening 4th May.

League Teams 2023/24

Dave and Sally Williams
Julia Wallace and Helen Flarry

Andy Milner and Derek HIckson
Debbie Locker and Veronika Robinson

Tony and Jean Tyler
Chris Douglas and Louise Gravil

Pat and Nigel Haslam
Andrew Keeling and Geraldine Johnson

Barry and Lesley Leverett
Sandra and Tina Braithwaite

Roger Baker and Tony Peacock
Corinne Cole and Dorothy Hancock

Liz Salmon and Sheila Henry
Fred Myers and Jayne Barrett

Ian Paterson and Chris Pickering
Salma Pierson and Jean Bentley

Mike Hassnip and Paul Rea
Rosie Goldingham and Sheila Dalziel

Kathy Davies and Fiona Wright
Jim Wallace and David Baker

In each team please decide who is going to be your captain and point of contact. If you could let me have this information as soon as possible so I can give the relevant person all the contact details they need.

The Roy Hughes Memorial Charity Day

Hi Members
Assuming we go ahead with the charity day (as voted for at our AGM) we need to decide on a suitable charity. Could you please let the committee know of any local charity you think would be a suitable beneficiary, together with a sentence or two about them.
Suggestions by the end of May please

League and Knock Out Competitions 2023/24

As of today 21st April 2023 I have the following pairs entered into the above 2 competitions. Please let me know if I have omitted your pair or if you would like to enter as a pair. I would like to be able to compile a fixture list for both competitions after the AGM on Thursday.

Dave and Sally Williams – both
Andy Milner and Derek HIckson – both
Roger and Margaret Shelley – knock out only
Tony and Jean Tyler – both
Pat and Nigel Haslam – both
Barry and Lesley Leverett – both
Peter and Corinne Cole – knock out only
Rosie Goldingham and Sheila Dalziel – both
Corinne Cole and Dorothy Hancock – league only
Roger Baker and Tony Peacock – both
Kathy Davies and Fiona Wright – both
Kate and Dick Earley – knock out only
Jim Wallace and David Baker – both
Ian Paterson and Chris Pickering – both
Liz Salmon and Sheila Henry – both
Salma Pierson and Jean Bentley – both
Fred Myers and Jayne Barrett – both
Mike Hassnip and Paul Rea – both
Chris Douglas and Louise Gravi – both
Andrew Keeling and Geraldine Johnson – both
Sandra and Tina Braithwaite – both

Mari Bebbington
Jean and Anthony Lyndon-Smith
Alan Timmis and Peter Philips

Chairman’s report – April 2023

A big thank you to all members for their support of Bassingham Bridge. Welcome to our 2 new members of the committee ie Fred Myers and Liz Salmon. The committee has worked tirelessly as a team which has enabled us to complete a full year of normal bridge activities.
Sadly this year saw the passing of Anne Lanes who worked for many years as a member of our committee. She was very supportive of Tuesday afternoon bridge and partnered many relative beginners on their first foray into duplicate bridge on Thursday evenings. She was, of course, famous as the provider of desserts on our Charity bridge days.
This year we have been able to play and award trophies to all our usual competitions ie, league, knock out, individual, pairs, ascendancy and handicap. Christmas bridge was also back on the menu. We have also been able to have 2 Sunday afternoons of random seeded teams event. This year our new social secretary, Fred Myers. organised 2 curry nights at Newark Golf Club.
Tuesday afternoons continue to be used for social bridge. Wednesday evenings are reserved for teaching bridge or, latterly for improvers. This continues to be led by a small group of enthusiastic volunteers.
Many thanks to everyone who cheerfully follow our Founder, Roy Hughes’ advice on the Club ethos, ie treat each other with tolerance, respect and above all remember the game of bridge is only a game of cards and whilst we all do our best to win we should:
“Never take the game, or ourselves, too seriously!”


HI All
We are now into a new bridge year at Bassingham. We run the above 2 competitions outside Hammond Hall. These are friendly events of 20 boards with a supper provided by the home team. The rules have been streamlined and appear on our website on the left hand side. Those who wish to take part enter as a pair and then all the pairs are put together to form teams. (See competition rules for details).

If you would like to take part please let Pat Haslam (competition secretary) know whether this is for the league, knock out or both. If you cannot commit to taking part fully in the competitions you may like to put forward your name as a reserve. Reserves are put into teams when regular partners are unavailable.

Please let me have all entries, including reserves, by Thursday 27th April so that I can set up both competitions for the coming year.

Bassingham Bridge League Final

Congratulations to Tony and Jean Tyler, Fred Myers and Jayne Barrett on winning the final. They were miles ahead after the first 10 boards but Pat and Nigel Haslam, Salma Pierson and Jean Bentley rallied in the second half but not enough to win victory. A very pleasant afternoon of bridge was had by all.


We have come to the end of the Bassingham Bridge Club year. The AGM is at 6.30 pm on Thursday 27th April. Our annual dinner is Friday 28th April at Thorpe-on-the-Hill Golf Conference Centre.

Would anyone with a trophy from this year please return it to Barry (or a committee member) asap. Also let Fred know if you are planning to attend our dinner. It is usually an excellent evening with presentation of prizes, quiz and very tasty food!

It would be nice to see as many of our members as possible both at the AGM and the Annual Dinner. The AGM gives you an opportunity to have your say and vote on the running of our Club and the annual dinner is a great opportunity to celebrate the successes of our members.

Bill Holmes Funeral

For those who wish to attend, the funeral of Bill Holmes, long term member of Heighington and Bassingham bridge clubs, great bridge player and lovely person, will be held at the Lincoln Crematorium on the Washingborough Road at 12.30pm on Wednesday 19th April.

Individual Trophy Final

Following last night’s Individual Competition the following people have qualified for this year’s final:
Charles Day
Lynda Foster
Barry Leverett
Lesley Leverett
Andy Milner
Fred Myers
Tony Tyler
Dave Williams
The following will be reserves:
Roger Baker
Pat Lucas
Congratulations to all the above.
Barry and Lesley Leverett have kindly agreed to host the final at their home. It will take place on Saturday 1st April starting at 2 pm. Barry and Lesley will provide soup and sandwiches following the match.
If any of the finalists are unavailable please let me know as soon as possible so that replacements can be substituted.