League and Knock Out Competitions 2024-25

Hi All

Below is a list of all those who have currently entered the League and/or Knock Out for this new season.
If there are any other pairs who wish to enter for either of these competitions then please let me have your pair names by Thursday 25th April.

Knock OutLeague
Dave and Sally Williams✔️✔️
Andy Milner and Derek HIckson✔️✔️
Pat and Nigel Haslam✔️✔️
Barry and Lesley Leverett✔️✔️
Tony and Jean Tyler✔️✔️
Alan Timmis and Peter Phillips✔️✔️
Margaret Pendlebury and Suzanne Spencer✔️✔️
Julia Wallace and Helen Flarry✔️✔️
Tony Peacock and Roger Baker✔️✔️
David Baker and Jim Wallace✔️✔️
Andrew Keeling and Geraldine Johnson✔️✔️
Chris Douglas and Louise Gravil✔️✔️
Fred Myers and Jayne Barrett✔️✔️
Sandra and Tina Braithwaite✔️✔️
Rosie Goldidngham and Sheila Dalziel✔️
Debbie Locker and Veronika Robinson✔️
Dorothy Hancock and Corinne Cole✔️
Sheila Henry and Liz Salmon✔️
Liz Ball and Sue Brauer✔️
Roger and Margaret Shelley✔️
Peter and Corinne Cole✔️
Jean and Anthony Lyndon-Smith✔️
Ian Paterson and Chris Pickering✔️
Fiona Wright✔️✔️
Salma Pierson✔️✔️
Jean Bentley✔️✔️

Bassingham Bridge AGM

The Annual General Meeting is scheduled to take place prior to the evening’s bridge on Thursday 25th April starting at 6.30 pm. The agenda has been circulated and several important motions have been proposed. If you have a view or an opinion on these issues please make every effort to attend the AGM so that you can express these views and use your vote.
The discussion at this year’s AGM may go on longer than usual therefore the committee has decided to postpone the Individual Competition on that evening and replace it with an ordinary duplicate session. The Individual Competition will now take place on the following Thursday, 2nd May.
If you are unable to attend the AGM but would like your views on any of the proposals to be taken into account please let me have them in writing and I will endeavour to include them in the discussion.

Competition Winners 2023-24

Congratulations to all our winners and runners up of all our competitions which have taken place throughout the year. The final list is below:

Pairs Trophy Winners:  Dave and Sally Williams

Runners Up:  Charles Day and Lynda Foster

Individual Trophy Winner: Pat Haslam

Runners up:  Dave Williams and Pat Lucas

League Trophy Winners: Tony and Jean Tyler, Chris Douglas and Louise Gravil

Runners up:  Sheila Henry, Liz Salmon, Fred Myers and Jayne Barrett.

Mary Spittles KO Trophy Winners: Jayne Barrett), Fred Myers, Andy Milner and Derrick Hickson

Runners up: Pat and Nigel Haslam, Peter and Corinne Cole

Tom Semens Trophy Winner (most slams):  Mari Bebbington

Runner up:  Alan Clarke

Christine Jones Memorial Ascendancy Trophy Winner: Fiona Wright

Runner up:  Geraldine Johnson

Roy Hughes Founders Pairs Handicapped Trophy Winners:  Corinne Cole and Dorothy Hancock

Runners up:  Geraldine Johnson and Andrew Keeling

These trophies will be presented at our Annual Dinner at the Bentley Hotel, on Saturday 4th May. It would be nice if as many trophy winners as possible could be there to receive their awards.

We would also like as many members as possible to support this event. Tickets are available from Fred Myers.

Just a final reminder that if you haven’t yet signed up for the new season of competitions (league and knock out) then let Pat Haslam have the name of your pair so you may be added to the list. All entries please by Thursday 25th April.

Many thanks

Improvers Bridge

Wednesday 17th April 7 to 9 pm
The new term starts this week. The evening will be led by Pat Haslam and is a revision of ‘Stayman’ and introduction to ‘Transfers’.
Anyone interested in the topics are welcome.

Trophy Return

Hi All
We have reached the end of the year for Bassingham Bridge Club. Congratulations to all winners of our various competitions. Please make every effort to attend our Annual Dinner and Prize Giving on Saturday 4th May at The Bentley.
Would last year’s winners please return all trophies and shields to Barry (or any member of the committee) so that they may be engraved and presented to the new (or returning) recipients.
Many thanks.

Individual Trophy Result 2024

It was an exciting game when the top 8 finalists met on Sunday afternoon. The cards were really interesting and led to some good bidding and playing. At the end of the afternoon there were 3 players tied for top place: Dave Williams, Pat Lucas and Pat Haslam and a further 3 for 4th place. The rules were consulted and if there is a tie then you count the number of top boards achieved by each. All 3 had 8 top boards! If this happens you look for the lowest score achieved throughout the year and that was Pat Haslam.
Well done to all our finalists and congratulations to Pat Haslam winner of a very tight competition.

Individual Trophy Finalists

Congratulations to the following people who have qualified for this year’s Individual Final:

Pat Haslam
Dave Williams
Pat Lucas
Fred Myers
Andy Milner
Roger Baker
Barry Leverett
Charles Day

The following players will be reserves:
Tony Tyler
Nigel Haslam

The final is scheduled to be played on Sunday 7th April.

League Team Final Result

Congratulations to Division A, Team A: Tony and Jean Tyler, Chris Douglas and Louise Gravil on their resounding victory over Division B Team C: Sheila Henry, Liz Salmon, Fred Myers and Jayne Barrett. Both teams played extremely well to win their division and congratulations to them both for reaching the final.

League and Knock Out Teams 2024/25

Hi Members
Just the Individual Trophy to complete next Thursday and we’re into a new year! See Fred to book a place at our Annual Dinner where we celebrate the successes of the year.
If you wish to enter the League and Knock Out Teams for the new year please let me have the names of your pair. These competitions take place outside of our normal Bridge sessions in member’s private homes. 20 boards are played and a break for a meal and socialising. The League teams are calculated using your seeding of this year with the highest seeded paired with the lowest. The Knock Out is random with the top half seeded and a draw for who plays with who. If you wish to be a reserve rather than play also let me know.
Please let me have entries by the end of April.

Many thanks

Pat H