Random Seeded Teams

Sunday 3rd December at 2 pm at Hammond Hall
Hi All
The draw for the random seeded teams competition took place after Bridge on Thursday night in The Bugle Horn. The teams are listed on the website in the left hand column.
Please arrive at 1.45 pm ready for a 2 pm start as this will allow the bridgemates to be set up.
Dave Williams has kindly agreed to direct and Pat Lucas has investigated and recommended the movement for the Bridgemates. Various members have generously agreed to provide various sandwiches and cakes. Many thanks to all and we look forward to a very pleasant afternoon.

Random Seeded Teams

Sunday 3rd December at Hammond Hall at 2 pm
Please arrive by 1.45 pm

This is a pleasant afternoon of bridge for all abilities. The top half are seeded and then a draw takes place (Thursday 23rd November in The Bugle Hall after bridge) for who goes with whom. There is a break half way through for an afternoon tea (sandwiches and cake). It is a free event for our members. It ends at 5.30 to 6 pm.

If you would like to enter as a pair please let me have your names by Thursday 24th November. Entrants can be seen on the front bottom left hand side of our website.

Random Seeded Teams Event

Hi All
We have our next random seeded event on Sunday 3rd December starting at 2 pm at Hammond Hall. This is a change from the original published date. It is a free event for our members and consists of a pleasant afternoon of bridge with an afternoon tea served half way through of cakes and sandwiches. Pairs are seeded and then a draw is made of who plays with whom in the team.
Please let me know the names of your pair if you wish to take part.

Charity Bridge Day

Hi All
I’ve just received the following information and thought you might be interested in the day:

Sleaford Golf Club Ladies Section
Charity Bridge Day
Wednesday 29th November 2023
10.00 for 10.30
Profits and raffle in aid of
Peterborough Hedgehog Hotel
Price £22.50
Price will include coffee or tea and biscuits on arrival, a two course buffet lunch and a glass of wine or juice to accompany the meal
For all ticket enquiries please contact the Ladies’ captain, Carol, either by e-mail or by phone.
E-mail contact: carolbrinky@hotmail.co.uk
Phone contact: 07730 626248

Bridge at Bassingham Bridge Club

Bassingham Bridge Club tries to follow the principle stated at the top of their website ie it aims to provide a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in which members and guests may enjoy their bridge play. It appears that some members have not always experienced this. If this should happen please do not assume the committee and/or directors are aware but let them know so action can be taken.

If players have special requirements such as requiring stationary positions, strong lighting or any other need they are requested to notify their needs in advance to the Director who will deal with the practical arrangements.

Players are asked to follow the rules of bridge and if unsure of these they can ask a director. One that helps players with visual difficulty is Rule 45 ie “Each player except dummy plays a card by detaching it from his hand and facing it on the table immediately before him”. Could all members do this all the time and then it is automatic when playing against someone with a visual disability and is following the laws of bridge.

Finally if you have a problem at a table and it involves a director then another director should be called to mediate the situation.

* “All we ask is that members and guests accept and promote the Club ethos, ie treat each other with tolerance, respect and above all remember the game of bridge is only a game of cards and whilst we all do our best to win we should:-

Never take the game, or ourselves, too seriously!”

* from our Club website

Joules Charcoal Gilet

Hi All
There was a Joules charcoal gilet left on the back of a seat after Bassingham Bridge on Thursday night. Could the owner contact Pat Haslam who is keeping it safe.

Heckington Bridge Day

Rachel Cope has kindly let us know about the above bridge day which may interest some of you. The details are:

Heckington Bridge Day
Thursday 12th Oct
At the Village Hall Heckington
Doors open at 10am play starts at 10.30am
Procceds to Heckington Church

For Tickets, please Contact Chris Cullen No later than the 5th Oct
01529 460272
10 Houlden Way,

Cheques made out to Heckington with Howell PCC

Send a SAE with your cheque and include Players Names.
Please indicate if you are Vegetarian.
Also say if you need to sit, otherwise we cannot guarantee sitting places on the day

Presentation to Scouts

Stuart Credland, Bassingham Scout Leader will be presented with a cheque for £1552 this Thursday evening at 6.45 pm prior to bridge starting. This is the profit from our Roy Hughes Memorial Charity Bridge Day.

The Roy Hughes Memorial Charity Bridge Day

Our treasurer, Barry Leverett, has totted up all the monies from our Charity Day and I can announce that Bassingham Bridge have raised £1552 to go to the scouts for the development of their new campsite.
Many thanks to everyone who helped in any way to help raise this record amount.

Roy Hughes Memorial Charity Bridge Day

It was good to hold our first charity day post Covid. Everyone appears to have had a very good day and thoroughly enjoyed their bridge and the excellent catering. This was as a result of the help of numerous members of Bassingham Bridge from setting up the room, providing numerous quiches, cakes and raffle prizes to waitering all day. The scouts were brilliant and a real help. They too provided biscuits, cakes and raffle prizes as well as help throughout the day. It was all ably directed by Fred Myers.
Many thanks to everyone for whatever you helped with and to all those who attended for your support.