2021/2022 Bassingham Bridge League Teams

Thank you to all who submitted their names to me to be included in this year’s Bassingham Bridge League. I have put the pairs together into 2 divisions of roughly the same ability the teams and fixtures will be as follows: Would each team please let me have the name of their captain?

Division A:

Team A: Andy Milner, Bill Burrows, Louise Gravil and Chris Douglas

Team B: Nigel and Pat Haslam, Alan Timmis and Peter Phillips

Team C: Sheila Dalziel, Rosie Goldingham, Dave Lucas and Ann Ford

Team D: Pat Lucas, Carolyn Morant, Liz Salmon and Sheila Henry

Division B:

Team A: Dave and Sally Williams, Salma Pierson and Jean Bentley

Team B: Roger and Margaret Shelley, Jim Wallace and David Baker

Team C: Tony and Jean Tyler, Chris Pickering and Ian Pateron

Team D: Peter and Corinne Cole, Fiona Wright and Kathy Davies

Team E: Fred Myers, Milly Hobson, Jayne Barrett and Debbie Locker


Division A:

Match 1: Team A v C Team B v D

Match 2: Team D v A Team C v B

Match 3: Team B v A Team D v C

Division B:

Match 1: Team A v D Team B v C

Match 2: Team C v A Team E v B

Match 3: Team D v E Team B v A

Match 4: Team A v E Team C v D

Match 5: Team D v B Team E v C

Please note that the rules for the league are on the website. The home team (first listed in fixtures) usually provides refreshments. Please let me have the results of your matches.

Arrange to play a match roughly once per month but to finish by the first week of March so that the winner of each division can play one another in the Final in March.

Please note that on Thursdays 7th October and 2nd December Bassingham have to use the Tower so you may wish to arrange a league fixture for those dates.

Bob’s funeral

My apologies to all for omitting the date of Bob’s funeral. It is to be held on Friday 17th September at 11.30 at Ollerton Crematorium meeting afterwards at Deyncourt Hotel in Newark. All donations are for cancer research.

Bob’s funeral

Bassingham Bridge Club were deeply saddened to hear of the death of one of our members, Bob Davies.I Bob’s funeral will take place at 11.30 am at Ollerton crematorium. Afterwards they are going to the Deyncourt Hotel in Newark. Any donations are for cancer research.

Bassingham Bridge League Competition

Several members have expressed an interest in taking part in a short league competition for the remainder of our year ie the end of March 2022. These are very friendly matches of 20 boards played in members’ homes. Further rules are on the website. I am asking members to enter as pairs and submit these to me by Thursday 16th September. After this date I will form these pairings into teams of similar ability.

You can e-mail your pairs to me at pat.haslam@icloud.com or text to 07941159982. Alternatively, catch me at Bassingham or Heighington club nights.

Please note that Thursdays 7th October and 2nd December are scheduled to be in the Tower Room and therefore those nights may be good to organise a league match.

Good News

I have spoken with Shirley Holmes this afternoon and the good news is that Bill is out of hospital and at home. Shirley says that he is making steady progress.

Happy New Year

We wish everyone at Bassingham Bridge Club a very happy 2021! We hope you all remain safe and well and that it is not too long now before we can all meet together at the Bridge Club.

Bassingham Bridge F2F on BCL

Hi All
I hope everyone is staying safe and sane through these difficult times. Following the latest Government advice on Tier Systems it seems that it could be some while before we can all be together again. We will therefore be continuing our Thursday evening F2F sessions on BCL.
In the last few weeks some pairs have unfortunately been unable to get a game with us on Thursday evenings. Bassingham Bridge Club have asked a group of people to volunteer to be the ‘sit out pair’ each Thursday evening. The ‘sit out pair’ will only enter the Bridge Room if it looks as if one pair is sat on their own and unlikely to get any opposition. We would ask all members to help this system work efficiently by doing the following:

1 Each pair should try to be in the Lobby by 6.40 pm (The Lobby opens at 6.30 pm)

2 Set your partner. (Click on their name and their profile will appear and you can click on ‘Set as Partner’)

3 At 6.45 pm the Bassingham Bridge Room will open. One of you should enter the room and Enter the Tournament. This will take you to a table.

4 Your partner should now enter and see which table you are sat at. They should click on the spare seat opposite you.

5 The Server will ask one of you to submit an SSD to your partner and they should confirm/accept. All this should be completed by 6.50 pm

At 6.52 pm the volunteer ‘sit out pair’ will enter the Room. They will check the tables and if any pair is sat at a table on their own at this point they will enter the tournament.

N B Remember to keep clicking Refresh to update the site.

If we can get into the habit of following this procedure, hopefully it will lessen the prospect of any pair being ejected from the site and not being able to play on that evening.

Children in Need

Many thanks to all who took part in the Children in Need Simultaneous Pairs competition. To date (Sunday afternoon) Bassingham Bridge Club has raised £70 as part of the BCL fundraising. Thanks to all.

FSF Bassingham Bridge

It has been noted that BCL is unable to have half tables and the last pair to join is therefore unable to play that evening. To remedy this 3 members of the committee have kindly volunteered to be reserves on a rota basis. So do join us on Thursday nights and don’t worry that you won’t get a game.

Children in Need

Hi Members
Next week our F2F on BridgeClubLive is part of a Simultaneous Pairs Charity event supporting Children in Need. Please join us online. Donations may be made by clicking on the link on the BCL website. We hope to see you all there, virtually!