Bridge Club Accounts 2023-24

Attached is a copy of this year’s accounts for those unable to get to the AGM

Two points to clarify:

  1. The Curry Bridge refunds refers to those people who for various reasons did not immediately return to the Club when bridge sessions resumed after the pandemic and were therefore unable to claim their refund from the Curry Bridge Evening which had to be cancelled. When those people did not attend any further Curry Bridge evenings an email was sent out stating that if the money wasn’t claimed by March 31st this year it would be paid into Club funds. A few people did claim; the rest is what you see paid into the Club Account.
  2. The Annual Dinner Deposit of £500 was paid to the Bentley Hotel before any members’ payments were received. The Club is subsidising the meal at £5 per head. When the final invoice has been paid the balance from the deposit will revert to club funds.

If you have any further queries please contact me.


League and Knock Out Competitions 2024-25

Hi All

Below is a list of all those who have currently entered the League and/or Knock Out for this new season.
If there are any other pairs who wish to enter for either of these competitions then please let me have your pair names by Thursday 25th April.

Knock OutLeague
Dave and Sally Williams✔️✔️
Andy Milner and Derek HIckson✔️✔️
Pat and Nigel Haslam✔️✔️
Barry and Lesley Leverett✔️✔️
Tony and Jean Tyler✔️✔️
Alan Timmis and Peter Phillips✔️✔️
Margaret Pendlebury and Suzanne Spencer✔️✔️
Julia Wallace and Helen Flarry✔️✔️
Tony Peacock and Roger Baker✔️✔️
David Baker and Jim Wallace✔️✔️
Andrew Keeling and Geraldine Johnson✔️✔️
Chris Douglas and Louise Gravil✔️✔️
Fred Myers and Jayne Barrett✔️✔️
Sandra and Tina Braithwaite✔️✔️
Rosie Goldidngham and Sheila Dalziel✔️
Debbie Locker and Veronika Robinson✔️
Dorothy Hancock and Corinne Cole✔️
Sheila Henry and Liz Salmon✔️
Liz Ball and Sue Brauer✔️
Roger and Margaret Shelley✔️
Peter and Corinne Cole✔️
Jean and Anthony Lyndon-Smith✔️
Ian Paterson and Chris Pickering✔️
Fiona Wright✔️✔️
Salma Pierson✔️✔️
Jean Bentley✔️✔️

Scarborough break in November

It’s about now I ask if there are any members of the Bassingham bridge club if they would like to join Jayne and myself as well as many of our regulars to play bridge in Scarborough in November.

The dates are from Sunday 3rd November to Thursday 7th for four nights.

I can supply more details if you are interested and please note there are limited places.

Email is


Bassingham Bridge AGM

The Annual General Meeting is scheduled to take place prior to the evening’s bridge on Thursday 25th April starting at 6.30 pm. The agenda has been circulated and several important motions have been proposed. If you have a view or an opinion on these issues please make every effort to attend the AGM so that you can express these views and use your vote.
The discussion at this year’s AGM may go on longer than usual therefore the committee has decided to postpone the Individual Competition on that evening and replace it with an ordinary duplicate session. The Individual Competition will now take place on the following Thursday, 2nd May.
If you are unable to attend the AGM but would like your views on any of the proposals to be taken into account please let me have them in writing and I will endeavour to include them in the discussion.

Competition Winners 2023-24

Congratulations to all our winners and runners up of all our competitions which have taken place throughout the year. The final list is below:

Pairs Trophy Winners:  Dave and Sally Williams

Runners Up:  Charles Day and Lynda Foster

Individual Trophy Winner: Pat Haslam

Runners up:  Dave Williams and Pat Lucas

League Trophy Winners: Tony and Jean Tyler, Chris Douglas and Louise Gravil

Runners up:  Sheila Henry, Liz Salmon, Fred Myers and Jayne Barrett.

Mary Spittles KO Trophy Winners: Jayne Barrett), Fred Myers, Andy Milner and Derrick Hickson

Runners up: Pat and Nigel Haslam, Peter and Corinne Cole

Tom Semens Trophy Winner (most slams):  Mari Bebbington

Runner up:  Alan Clarke

Christine Jones Memorial Ascendancy Trophy Winner: Fiona Wright

Runner up:  Geraldine Johnson

Roy Hughes Founders Pairs Handicapped Trophy Winners:  Corinne Cole and Dorothy Hancock

Runners up:  Geraldine Johnson and Andrew Keeling

These trophies will be presented at our Annual Dinner at the Bentley Hotel, on Saturday 4th May. It would be nice if as many trophy winners as possible could be there to receive their awards.

We would also like as many members as possible to support this event. Tickets are available from Fred Myers.

Just a final reminder that if you haven’t yet signed up for the new season of competitions (league and knock out) then let Pat Haslam have the name of your pair so you may be added to the list. All entries please by Thursday 25th April.

Many thanks

Improvers Bridge

Wednesday 17th April 7 to 9 pm
The new term starts this week. The evening will be led by Pat Haslam and is a revision of ‘Stayman’ and introduction to ‘Transfers’.
Anyone interested in the topics are welcome.

Annual dinner

As I’ve mentioned before we have the Bassingham Bridge Club annual dinner on the 4th May at the Bentley hotel.
We have a number of guests already going but would like a few more to support this event.

The cost of the dinner is £30 per person for three courses and has been subsidised by the club to make it good value.

If you would like to come please pay me and also give me your menu choices.

Starters are carrot and coriander soup or a smoked salmon roulade.

Mains are blade of beef with mash and seasonal vegetables, chicken in a Dijon cream with fondant potatoes and seasonal vegetables or tomato and basil gnocchi.

Puddings are sticky toffee pudding or a lemon and white chocolate roulade.

My bank details are:-
Frederick Myers
Sort code 30-97-95
Account no. 00232850

Please support us if you can!

Trophy Return

Hi All
We have reached the end of the year for Bassingham Bridge Club. Congratulations to all winners of our various competitions. Please make every effort to attend our Annual Dinner and Prize Giving on Saturday 4th May at The Bentley.
Would last year’s winners please return all trophies and shields to Barry (or any member of the committee) so that they may be engraved and presented to the new (or returning) recipients.
Many thanks.

Agenda and Formal Notice of Annual General Meeting

I hereby give formal notice that the Annual General Meeting for Bassingham Bridge Club will be held on Thursday 25th April 2024 at the Hammond Hall, Bassingham. The meeting will begin at 6.30pm prompt.

Jim Wallace

Club Secretary.


  1. Apologies
  2. Acceptance of previous minutes – circulated via web site
  3. Matters Arising
  4. Treasurer’s  Report – Acceptance of Accounts 2023/24
  5. Chair’s report for 2023/24
  6. Election of officers for 2023/24;    Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer    (see attached table for nominees)
  7. Election of two (2) Committee Members for 2023/24 (see attached table of nominees)
  8. Election Of Auditor and vote of thanks for current incumbent.
  9. Motion 1 Proposer David Williams Seconded Pat Lucas “The membership of Bassingham Bridge Club propose that the club join the English Bridge Union
  10. Motion 2 Alteration to Clause 9 of the constitution ; Alteration of Club membership Fees . This motion is posed in the alternative depending on the result of Motion 1. In the event that Motion 1 is defeated and the club remain unaffiliated to the EBU.   S9.1 is changed from “ Each Member will pay a £1 joining Fee” to “ Each member will pay a £5 joining Fee”  S9.1.2 would also be changed from “ a lapsed member may rejoin any time on the payment of the £1 re-joining fee“ to “ a lapsed member may rejoin any time on the payment the £5 re-joining fee.” Proposer is Pat Haslam and seconded by Barry Leverett. OR In the event that Motion 1 is carried and the club joins the EBU that s9.1 (see above) becomes “Each Member shall pay an annual subscription fee which is decided by the AGM. Subscriptions will be due by the end of April. Unless the committee decides otherwise, any member whose subscription remains unpaid after the due date shall pay table money at the rate applicable to visitors until their subscription has been paid in full. “S9.1.2 (original is as above) would become ” A lapsed member may rejoin at any time on the payment of the prevailing annual subscription ” Under S9.2 table money would be increased to a rate of £2.50. S9.3 is changed from “Each guest or visitor shall pay table money on each occasion that he/she plays at the club and this shall be 50% more than the members table money” to “Each guest or visitor shall pay table money on each occasion that he /she plays at the club and this shall be £1.50p greater than members table money.” These changes are again proposed by Pat Haslam and seconded by Barry Leverett.
  11. Charity Day;  Proposed date Friday 6th September 202; members views
  12.    Motion 3 Proposer David Williams Seconded by Sally Williams “ The Membership of Bassingham Bridge Club propose that we stop using the arrow switch on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month” It should be understood that whereas this matter relates solely to the running of competitions it is therefore outside the decision making role of the AGM.  Such matters are under the direct control of the committee and the Tournament Directors they appoint. As the suggestion has been  made it should, of course,  be debated and recommendations will be noted by your committee.
  13. 13)  Proposed Date of Next AGM ( 24th April 2025) and Annual Dinner (25th April 2025)

Election of Committee Members – Nominations Received – All existing committee members having resigned as required , all members with the exception of the current Secretary have indicated a willingness to stand again.

ChairPat HaslamThe CommitteeThe Committee
V ChairFred MyersThe CommitteeThe Committee
SecretaryAndy MilnerThe CommitteeThe Committee
TreasurerBarry LeverettThe CommitteeThe Committee
MemberLiz SalmonThe CommitteeThe Committee
MemberPat LucasNigel HaslamPat Haslam

As there has been only one nomination received within the nomination period for each of the officers roles ( in bold above) these people will be automatically elected.

The two general committee member roles are open for nominations until the date of the AGM. If no further nominations are received the two named above persons will be elected . If any further nominations are received an election will be held and the two persons with the highest number of votes will be elected.