Learning Bridge Wednesday 5th June

Tonight we will be looking at Pre-emptive Bids, the requirements for making such a bid and what we need to respond to our partner’s pre-empt.

We will also be looking at how vulnerability and position at the table should affect our judgement as to whether to pre-empt or not.

All are welcome.

The Bassingham Teaching Team

Thursday 30th May

This will be a “gentle duplicate” session intended to help our learners and improvers get to grips with Duplicate Bridge. The pace will be slower than normal with opportunities for advice and discussion about the bidding and the card play. Currently we have nine mentors who are partnering people fairly new to Duplicate Bridge but they will also be happy to help anyone who asks for advice.

All are welcome but please be aware that it will feel different from normal and any scores achieved or slams bid will not count towards the final end of year results