Deal 2 Thursday 3 January

Unfortunately, my partner and I didn’t get to play boards 1 and 2 on Thursday evening. They (together with board 3) were the first computer dealt hands from our new “HandyDup” and Barry had kindly printed out the hands and possible contracts for members to take away and peruse at their leisure. Well I have now done that and I would recommend partnerships to have a look at hand 2 and consider how their bidding system might enable them to arrive in the “optimal” contract of 7 Spades. A possible Michaels cue bid from South after East opens one heart? Congratulations to Bob and Kathy Davies, not only on coming first on the night but also on being the only partnership to bid and make a slam (incidentally, makeable in either of the black suits). Having said that, it looks from the traveller, as though there were three (very good) sacrifices made in Diamonds by the E/W pairs. Barry, is it possible to publish the three deals on the website for other members to see? All the best! Andy