We had an amazing 18 table turnout last night. Well done to all our beginners who bravely made that “quantum leap” to their first proper duplicate session. You did incredibly well to cope with a complicated movement and to keep up with the pace. I hope you enjoyed the experience and will come again.

This hand, board 18, caught my eye. How do North/South bid to the “optimum” contract of 7 No Trumps thus earning the massive score of 2220 points (and a duplicate “top” score)? I don’t know the answer, but two pairs obviously do – congratulations to Pair 1 – Maurice Lynn and Elaine Proctor and also to Pair 15 – Tony and Jean Tyler. There were 5 other pairs who preferred to stop in 6 No Trumps.

Congratulations also to the winning Pairs – Dave and Sally Williams, East/West – Mike Hirst and Patrick Rimmer, North/South. In fact, Mike and Patrick might be in with a shout for the prestigious County Waitrose Trophy, with their remarkable score of 72.5%. All the best. Andy