On-line Bridge – Great for beginners too!

Further to my blog yesterday I thought I should explain to our beginner members that on-line Bridge is an excellent way to learn and improve your game. You don’t even have to play! You can just sit and watch more experienced, sometimes expert*, players bid, play and defend. It’s an enjoyable and easy way to improve your own game. This is known as “kibitzing”. Just join the on-line club for £1.20 (see yesterday’s blog) and pick a player to “kibitz” (they won’t know you’re watching). I’m no expert, but if you want to “kibitz” me, I hope to be playing in the Daily MPS room from about 7.00 pm Thursday evening.
Another, invaluable, learning aspect of on-line Bridge is the ability to analyse afterwards. Once results are published (the following morning) you can see, for each hand, how the bidding went, how it was played (card by card) and defended. You can also see that information for everyone else who played it. It’s a very powerful learning tool.  Stay safe.  Andy

*By the way, regular players are graded according to their results over time.  From clubs, to diamonds, to hearts and, finally spades.  Spade players are experts.  I’m currently a heart but have been all four at various times!