On-line Bridge

Hi Folks. I hope this blog finds you all safe and well. At least the weather is being kind to us during lockdown although I’m sure the gardeners (and farmers!) amongst you are hoping for some rainfall. I thought I would just give you a brief up-date regarding on-line Bridge. Many of you, I know, are using BBO. I understand that there were 50,000+ players on BBO on one recent evening! Both BBO and Bridge Club Live (BCL) are introducing new rooms and competitions in response to the influx of new on-line players. BCL intend to increase their teaching/coaching facility.
Bassingham Bridge Club now has 20 players regularly playing on BCL. Usually on Monday and Thursday evenings using the Teams of Four room but also in the social and competitive rooms. On Tuesday of this week we played our first “fun and friendly” inter-club match against City of Bath Bridge Club. I am sure that you will be delighted to know that we managed to secure a victory! A return match is planned for early June.
If you have not yet tried on-line Bridge and are interested in giving it a go, drop me an email or give me a ring. If face-to-face Bridge is still locked down come the autumn, I can see on-line numbers increasing even further. In the meantime, stay safe and stay sane. Andy