“Virtual” F2F Bridge begins! (you may want to print this!)

Many thanks to those members who took part in the BridgeClubLive (BCL) virtual F2F trials recently. Following the successful trial events, Both Bassingham and Heighington have booked regular Thursday and Monday evening duplicate pairs slots. For both clubs, the room opens at 6.45 pm and Bridge starts promptly at 7.00 pm. At the moment, we have set up for a maximum of 12 tables, playing 24 boards in an automated Howell movement.
To take part, you need to be a full member of BCL. Currently there are 41 of us, so that is potentially, 10 tables. Unfortunately, you can only be registered with one club at a time so, if you intend to play both Thursdays and Mondays, please “switch your allegiance” so that you are on the Bassingham list for Thursdays and the Heighington list for Mondays. I see that there are 39 of us on the Bassingham list at present, all ready for our first event tomorrow evening.
I am going to (attempt to!) direct the first couple of events, starting tomorrow evening with Bassingham. Following this, we hope to establish Director rotas for both clubs. It would be helpful for me to know in advance, how many pairs intend to take part tomorrow evening – please drop me an email or quick phone call. Also, if there is a single player available who doesn’t mind whether they play or not (any standard) again, please let me know. That way, by partnering me, we may be able to ensure that, if we have a half table, no-one misses out.
This next bit is VERY IMPORTANT for those taking part! Here is a reminder as to how to get to the playing room. Do NOT click to play bridge in the main on-line club (as you do when you play Social, DIDO or Teams of 4). The F2F clubs operate on a completely different server and you MUST start from the clubs page.
From BCL homepage – click the “Members” tab – choose “Clubs” – click on “Enter your Club Page” – then click the big “Play Bridge” tab.
Then “Enter your F2F Club Rooms” – click on BASSHM 4-A-3 – then sit at the first available table with your partner opposite you. If not already agreed, submit and agree an SSD. That’s all there is to it! The server will sort out the initial tables and the subsequent movement automatically but, be warned, it cannot accommodate latecomers!
For Heighington on Monday, it will be exactly the same except their room is called HEIGHN 1-A-3. For both clubs, results will be published on their Bridgewebs website, possibly later the same night, more likely, the following morning. For Heighington, results will be uploaded to the EBU (we hope!). There is loads more information on the BCL homepage and via their “Support” – “Knowledgebase”.
We don’t all play at the same pace and, occasionally, there may be a hand passed out at one table and not at others. Don’t panic if you think you’ve been “left in Limbo”! The server will move you as soon as it can. That said, do please avoid slow play – it’s not the World Championships! Quite ambitiously, we have set up for 24 tables and we should be able to complete these in 3 hours. Please try to stick to at least 8 boards per hour. By the way, it’s a good idea to click the “Refresh” tab every now and again just to remind the computer that you still exist!
Depending on how long we remain “Locked down” Bridgewise (and I suspect it could be some time still), both clubs may need to contemplate a small charge eventually. However, in the immediate future, participation is free once you have paid your BCL subscription.
Stay safe, stay sane and enjoy your on-line Bridge. Andy