Christmas Eve and New Years Eve

Hello everyone,
We hope that most of you will have something enjoyable and/or sociable to do on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. However if you really want to play bridge then it will be possible. The club F2F session will only operate if there are three tables or more so that may not be an option. Please note that there will not be a sitout pair or a director.

You can have a private session with another pair on both BCL or BBO. You can also chat at the same time using Whatsapp or Facetime, which does make it more sociable.
Whatever you are doing have yourself a merry little Christmas and we can all hope that next year will bring glad tidings and great joy when we can once again play bridge across a table with real cards.

Bassingham Bridge Club committee

PS: Derrick Hickson sends best wishes to everyone.
(We can only dream about those sausage rolls this year)