Thank Goodness for on-line Bridge!

Hi Folks. I hope you are keeping safe and well. I know that many of you have had or are about to get your first jab so there is some light at the end of the tunnel. However, face-to-face Bridge is still some way off. I am aware that members are using BCL, BBO and Realbridge to get their “Bridge fix”. In fact, some are using all three!

We had seven tables on BCL last night and all had finished their 24 boards in just over two and half hours. Mind you, there was one board where everybody passed out! If you haven’t yet “dipped your toe in the water” it’s never too late. Have a look at previous blogs and/or give one of us a ring; we would be only too happy to talk you through the process of getting started.

A bit of sad news. Our more “mature” members may have known June Sleightholme who played at The Lincoln Eastgate Club. She passed away last weekend at the grand old age of 101. She was a lovely lady, a formidable Bridge player and was still playing Bridge as a centenarian.

In my last Blog, I mentioned that I had won through to the BCL Indy Knock-out final. It will be played within the normal Monday individual competition from 3.00 pm on Monday 8th February (see “Events” on the BCL homepage).

Finally, a slightly bizarre, personal, request. Does anyone who lives locally, have a couple of builders bulk bags I could beg/borrow? The sort of cube-shaped bags that bulk sand/gravel gets delivered in. I’ve got a Spring garden project planned and I could do with a couple of these to store topsoil in.

Stay safe and stay sane. Andy