Bridgeclublive – Update

Hi Folks
The data centre fire that I mentioned in my last Blog has been “catastrophic”, affecting about 3.5 million websites including the European Space Agency, some French Government departments and, of course, Bridgeclublive (BCL). BCL personnel are working hard to restore their facility and have several rooms available to play on-line Bridge. However, the earliest full restoration date is likely to be Monday 22nd March. Sadly, this means that we will be unable to participate in the Charity Simultaneous Pairs event this evening.

Could I suggest/recommend that, instead, pairs give the Daily IMPs Tourney a go? I know that several of our pairs have used this room in the past and enjoyed the experience. The room opens at 7.45 pm, play starts at 8.00 pm. It is 16 boards so should be finished by 10.00 pm. 44 pairs played in there on Tuesday evening so it is popular. It operates in a very similar way to our usual on-line F2F sessions. There is automatic movement but you may have to wait occasionally between rounds for slower players. The results are published the following day so we will be able to see how we all got on!

If you prefer an earlier start time or you don’t want that competitive edge, you could always use the Social room which is up and running as usual. If you can find another pair, you can have a private table by clicking on options.

Stay safe and stay sane. Andy