Draft minutes of AGM

Annual General meeting of the Bassingham Bridge Club held via Zoom

Held on 29th April 2021 at 6pm via Zoom

Apologies received from: Corinne & Peter Cole, Susie Lawrence, Kathy & Bob Davies, Jean Tyler.

Present on zoom: Pat & Nigel Haslam, Carmen H, Carolyn M, Jim W, Julia W, Chris D, Chris P, Fiona W, John L, Andy M, Anne L, Elizabeth C, Mike H, Paul R, Rosie D, Sheila D, Roger B, Lesley & Barry, David B, Sally & Dave, Patrick R and Tony T

Minutes of 2019 AGM  – agreed as a true record.

Treasurer’s report (attached) – agreed nem con, thanks expressed to Barry and Roger

Chairperson’s report (attached) – Pat gave a quick summary and thanked the committee for their support during the year. Also expressed thanks to those with their partners who were prepared to be reserves on BCL club night.

Election of Officers:

Chairperson, Pat Haslam was the only nominee and duly elected.

The rest of the committee were re-elected en bloc as follows: –

Vice chair, Andy Milner

Secretary, Tony Tyler

Treasurer, Barry Leverett

Membership, Anne lanes

other Jim Wallace

Auditor, Roger Baker

Competition report:

the results for the 2019 – 20 season were confirmed and are attached below



Winners: Dave and Sally Williams


Winner: Andy Milner


Winners Fred Myers and Jayne Barrett

A small prize will be given to these winners.

Proposal from the committee: That an Extraordinary General Meeting be held in September at the Hammond Hall, when full discussion of topics would be possible. This was agreed nem con.

There has been another proposal from Alan Timmis as follows: –

“That in memory of our founder and all the good work he did over many years the name of the club be changed to Bassingham Hughes Bridge Club (or some such).”

A constant reminder to members of a much loved man without whom there would be no club at all.

Noted that Alan was not present to speak to the proposal so proposed that this should be  deferred until the September Extraordinary meeting when a full discussion will be easier to hold. Proposed Pat and seconded Dave and agreed by all.

Provisionally the club hopes to resume bridge sessions in the Hammond hall from Thursday 1st July. A further committee meeting will be held in June to confirm the restart.

Tony Tyler, secretary