Draft minutes from EGM

Minutes of Extraordinary General Meeting of Bassingham Bridge Club

Held on Thursday 30th September 2021 at 6-30pm. In the Hammond Hall.

1. Apologies received from: – Andy Milner, Sally & Dave Williams, David Baker, Carolyn Morant, Maurice Lynne, Elaine Proctor, Anne Ford & David Lucas (part time), Susie & John Lucas (part time)

2. Minutes of AGM held via Zoom on 29th April 2021. Were accepted

3. No matters arising

4. Proposal from Alan Timmis: –
That in memory of our founder and all the good work he did over many years the name of the club be changed to Bassingham Hughes Bridge Club.
Seconded by Peter Philips.
Alan spoke about how Roy Hughes had started giving lessons and then started the club in 2000. He also thought that names on trophies can get forgotten. He said that considering the amount of work Roy had put in over the years his name should be remembered and included in the name of the club.

Tony Tyler on behalf of the committee said that Roy’s main interest was in playing bridge and it wasn’t necessary to change the name of the club. He recommended that the members should vote against this proposal and instead consider one of the options proposed by the committee.

Votes in favour of the proposal were 9 and votes against were 29.

Alternative proposal by the committee: –
A Roy Hughes memorial trophy for the Random seeded teams events or renaming the Charity bridge day each year after Roy Hughes.

The vote was 3 in favour of a trophy for the Random seeded teams event.
And 36 in favour of renaming the bridge day as follows – The Roy Hughes Memorial Charity bridge day.
5.Date of next years AGM will be Thursday 28th April and the Annual dinner on Friday 29th April 2022

Tony Tyler – Secretary.

After the EGM, trophies and prizes were awarded to those winners from 2019-20 reported at the AGM and also to those who played on line last year also reported at the AGM.