Request for help and a lovely slam.

Will you be busy two weeks today? Bassingham (and Heighington) Bridge Clubs will be running a stand at Bassingham Show in the afternoon of Saturday 5th August to promote and publicise Bridge at the Hammond Hall and our Beginner/Improver sessions starting in September. We are looking for members (of any standard and experience) willing to give up an hour or so to play a few hands of Bridge in our Event Shelter on the field. If you are able to help, please let Andy Milner know.

Board 20 on Thursday evening caught my eye.

Congratulations to recent new members, Richard and Mary Buller, for bidding and making six diamonds sitting East/West. They were the only pair to do so. How would you and your partner bid the East/West cards?

Maybe 1H – 1S – stop 3D (the west hand is surely too good for a tame 2 diamond re-bid) – 4NT (asking for aces) – 5H (2 aces) – 6 D. The play is relatively straight-forward.

This coming Thursday is the fourth Thursday of the month – Individual night. I’ve noticed that our numbers have dipped slightly for these events recently. I would like to encourage all members to embrace our Individual nights – they epitomise the “fun and friendly” ethos of Bassingham Bridge Club. Please don’t worry about “letting an unfamiliar partner down”, there are bound to be mix-ups but it’s a lovely way to get to know other members and maybe even pick up a few tips.

I hope to see you on Thursday evening. Andy.