Bassingham Bridge League Competition 2020/21

The 2019/20 League Competition is nearing its completion and so I am now asking for entries for 2020/21.

After last year’s AGM vote, the teams will be decided in a slightly different way, so participants need to enter as pairs. Each pair will be given a ‘seeded’ score depending on where each individual finishes on the 2019/20 Individual Averages Table. Each pair will then be ranked, and pairs matched up according to ranking to make the teams.

Please let me have the names of your pair asap, and certainly by 9th April 2020. You can email, phone or simply let me have them when you see me.

I hope this new system of generating teams will encourage some new pairs to enter along with existing ones. This can only enhance both the social and competitive aspects of this competition.

Pat Haslam