On-line Bridge. More information.

Following my Blog yesterday, I have received several queries from members who are interested in joining BridgeClubLive (BCL). Yes, it is our intention to operate regular, Thursday evening duplicate Pairs events with automated Howell movements. Heighington intend to do the same on Monday evenings. Both clubs will try to keep their websites up-dated with information – I have added some information today. However, the best way to find out more is from the BCL homepage. Go to “Support” and choose “Knowledgebase”. This is their equivalent of “Frequently Asked Questions” and contains a huge amount of information.
If and when you do join BCL, you will need to set up a player profile, give yourself an alias (mine’s AndyM, not very original I know) and give a brief outline of the bidding system(s) you play e.g. Basic Acol. Do please add yourself to the list of Bassingham members (currently 24 of us). You do this from the homepage by clicking on “Members”, then choosing “Clubs”, then choosing Bassingham. It’s really simple to do, honest!
Incidentally, within the next 24 hours, Heighington should also be listed, so if you’re a member of both clubs please add your alias to the Heighington list as well. Heighington intend to run their first, virtual, duplicate pairs event this coming Monday evening, 17th August. It should be interesting!
If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, either with me or any committee member. Stay safe and stay sane. Andy