Bassingham Bridge Online

Hello everyone, hope you are all well.

As I am sure you are aware, the club is starting an online version with BridgeClubLive. This week on Thursday evening there will be a trial session starting at 7pm.

Andy and Pat have put out lots of advice about how to access the F2F club on line. It is important to be in the club as soon after 7 as possible. Any later than 7-10 and the site will not allow you to play. Please also remember to join or rejoin Bassingham before then.

A short reminder: go to the home page.

Go to Members and then down to Clubs. On that page it will tell you that you are registered with Bassingham bridge club and below that is where to access the F2F club site.

That takes you to the F2F information page. On my screen there are three horizontal lines at the top right, click there and you can access the club and/ or results.

The code for Bassingham is BASSHM 4-A-7

Hope to see lots of you on Thursday, Tony