Bridge On-line Update

Many thanks for all the feedback on Monday (Heighington) and Thursday’s (Bassingham) F2F Bridge on Bridge Club Live. Bassingham are considering holding an additional Tuesday afternoon duplicate session. Would members please let Tony Tyler know whether they would support this addition.

Members may also be interested in playing social games with friends. This is very easy to do and costs nothing on either Bridge Club Live or BBO. You do need to be a member of BCL to play on their site. There are various prices such as £10 per 30 days and £21 a quarter plus VAT. If you are a member of EBU you can receive a 50 day trial period.

On BCL log in and click PLAY BRIDGE, select Social Room. Press Options (top left in the Social Room table view) and choose a Table Name and a Password e.g. Table Name: Top Team and Password: Bob. Let your other 3 players know the Table Name and Password. Press REFRESH. The other 3 players can see the table with the padlock. They select their seat and enter the password to join the table.

On BBO log in (it costs nothing to register). You need to know the BBO Usernames of your other 3 players. Click Casual and then under FIND YOUR OWN GAME click on Start a table. I usually move all the sliders to the right to stop others and spectators etc. Click Start a table – relaxed game. Click where you want to sit and click ‘Sit’. On the others click the seat and select Reserve. You need to type in the Username of your other player. Complete your table. When your friends are logged on they will receive their invitation and they will accept (hopefully!).

On both BCL and BBO it is a computer game. You may like to What’s Ap your opposition on your phone and then you can see them and have a chat as well as playing your game on your iPad or laptop etc.

If you are worried or nervous about playing for the first time do contact any member of the committee who would happily arrange to have a game with you. Alternatively they would be able to explain and help you in organising a social bridge game.

Have fun and stay safe.