General Data Protection Regulations: May 2018

Disclosure Permission and Membership Confirmation FormThe wonderful thing about Bassingham Bridge Club is our growing membership and the friendly nature of the club. We have for a long number of years been able to run the club on “table money” meaning we have not asked the membership for an annual renewal fee and hence are often not informed when peoples’ details change. They may have in that time decided for their own personal reasons to leave the club, they may have left the area or simply no longer wish to play bridge. It is therefore important both legally and administratively to update our membership records and ensure the information we hold on you is accurate and that we only use it in accordance with your wishes. We also clearly need to understand that you still wish to remain a member Bassingham Bridge Club ( and we hope you do) and hence the number of current members we have.
Under the GDPR the Club is obliged to seek permission from you about what personal information is disclosed to other members in organising its events, leagues, knock out competitions and social events.
Please note that the Club is entitled to publish your name on our website in the results section. No other personal information is on the website without your personal permission
It is most important that you understand you have to ”opt in” to your information being provided for each specific purpose shown below; if not we cannot share your details with other team members or Captains as an example. No information will be shared without your consent. Sadly, we do need one form for each member.
So, I ask you all to please to complete the following form and return it to me:
by printing it, completing it and handing it to me or to any member of the Committee.