League and Knock Out Competitions 2023/24

As of today 21st April 2023 I have the following pairs entered into the above 2 competitions. Please let me know if I have omitted your pair or if you would like to enter as a pair. I would like to be able to compile a fixture list for both competitions after the AGM on Thursday.

Dave and Sally Williams – both
Andy Milner and Derek HIckson – both
Roger and Margaret Shelley – knock out only
Tony and Jean Tyler – both
Pat and Nigel Haslam – both
Barry and Lesley Leverett – both
Peter and Corinne Cole – knock out only
Rosie Goldingham and Sheila Dalziel – both
Corinne Cole and Dorothy Hancock – league only
Roger Baker and Tony Peacock – both
Kathy Davies and Fiona Wright – both
Kate and Dick Earley – knock out only
Jim Wallace and David Baker – both
Ian Paterson and Chris Pickering – both
Liz Salmon and Sheila Henry – both
Salma Pierson and Jean Bentley – both
Fred Myers and Jayne Barrett – both
Mike Hassnip and Paul Rea – both
Chris Douglas and Louise Gravi – both
Andrew Keeling and Geraldine Johnson – both
Sandra and Tina Braithwaite – both

Mari Bebbington
Jean and Anthony Lyndon-Smith
Alan Timmis and Peter Philips