League and Knock Out Competitions

The entries for both the League and Knock Out Competitions are now closed. The League teams for 2023/24 are listed below:

The draws for League Divisions and the Knock Out Teams will take place in The Bugle Horn following bridge on Thursday evening 4th May.

League Teams 2023/24

Dave and Sally Williams
Julia Wallace and Helen Flarry

Andy Milner and Derek HIckson
Debbie Locker and Veronika Robinson

Tony and Jean Tyler
Chris Douglas and Louise Gravil

Pat and Nigel Haslam
Andrew Keeling and Geraldine Johnson

Barry and Lesley Leverett
Sandra and Tina Braithwaite

Roger Baker and Tony Peacock
Corinne Cole and Dorothy Hancock

Liz Salmon and Sheila Henry
Fred Myers and Jayne Barrett

Ian Paterson and Chris Pickering
Salma Pierson and Jean Bentley

Mike Hassnip and Paul Rea
Rosie Goldingham and Sheila Dalziel

Kathy Davies and Fiona Wright
Jim Wallace and David Baker

In each team please decide who is going to be your captain and point of contact. If you could let me have this information as soon as possible so I can give the relevant person all the contact details they need.