The Vanity Case

For those of you involved in our Teams of Four League or knock-out, I thought I would mention the Vanity Case. It once belonged to Jo Hughes, Roy’s late wife, but has been used for Teams of Four events for as long as I can remember!
It is stored in the cupboard at the Hammond Hall but it is what it contains that might interest team captains. Inside you will find 20 Boards with brand new cards, 8 compact bidding boxes and a wodge of scoring cards. It is available to be borrowed anytime – just ask a committee member to open the cupboard for you.
As an added bonus and a bit of an experiment – I have put the 20 sets of cards through the dealing machine so they are all set to go on a first come, first served basis. I have also printed off (and placed in separate sealed envelopes!) 8 copies of hands 1 – 10 and 8 copies of hands 11 – 20. So you can all beat yourselves up at half-time and at the end!