Bridge at Bassingham Bridge Club

Bassingham Bridge Club tries to follow the principle stated at the top of their website ie it aims to provide a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in which members and guests may enjoy their bridge play. It appears that some members have not always experienced this. If this should happen please do not assume the committee and/or directors are aware but let them know so action can be taken.

If players have special requirements such as requiring stationary positions, strong lighting or any other need they are requested to notify their needs in advance to the Director who will deal with the practical arrangements.

Players are asked to follow the rules of bridge and if unsure of these they can ask a director. One that helps players with visual difficulty is Rule 45 ie “Each player except dummy plays a card by detaching it from his hand and facing it on the table immediately before him”. Could all members do this all the time and then it is automatic when playing against someone with a visual disability and is following the laws of bridge.

Finally if you have a problem at a table and it involves a director then another director should be called to mediate the situation.

* “All we ask is that members and guests accept and promote the Club ethos, ie treat each other with tolerance, respect and above all remember the game of bridge is only a game of cards and whilst we all do our best to win we should:-

Never take the game, or ourselves, too seriously!”

* from our Club website