Bridge Club Accounts 2023-24

Attached is a copy of this year’s accounts for those unable to get to the AGM

Two points to clarify:

  1. The Curry Bridge refunds refers to those people who for various reasons did not immediately return to the Club when bridge sessions resumed after the pandemic and were therefore unable to claim their refund from the Curry Bridge Evening which had to be cancelled. When those people did not attend any further Curry Bridge evenings an email was sent out stating that if the money wasn’t claimed by March 31st this year it would be paid into Club funds. A few people did claim; the rest is what you see paid into the Club Account.
  2. The Annual Dinner Deposit of £500 was paid to the Bentley Hotel before any members’ payments were received. The Club is subsidising the meal at £5 per head. When the final invoice has been paid the balance from the deposit will revert to club funds.

If you have any further queries please contact me.