BBC at Act 2 – two one act plays

Many of you in the past will have enjoyed Act 2’s One Act plays with theatre supper Evenings……well they’re back!

This year’s fun-filled offerings are:

Rambles on Radio: This is a spoof on a mystery radio show. Christopher is delighted to be performing his own play on the radio with his daughter in the starring role; but others are less content with the casting. Worse still, there’s much more drama behind the microphone than is going out over the air!


A Cut Above the Rest! The over 50s Club panto group are meeting to discuss their next pantomime. Dominant organiser Jack, who writes, directs and constantly rubs others up the wrong way, has decided on drastic budget cuts, much to the consternation of established divas in the group. Jack has decided that younger people should be allowed to take part, further upsetting the status quo. The vicar’s attempts to calm troubled waters are increasingly ineffective as turmoil reigns in this one act comedy.

Tickets have already gone on sale and usually sell quickly, so if you’d like to be part of the BBC audience please let me know asap. The date will be Saturday June 1st at Bassingham Primary School (next to the Hammond Hall) and the cost is £15 per head which includes the two course supper. If tickets are limited I’ll give priority to those who contact me first. If you can’t manage the Saturday but would like to go on the Friday I will try and get tickets for that day as well – so please make it clear which day you would like tickets for.

Barry (To reply, please click on my name in the box at the foot of this email).