Bassingham B C Individual Competition

Individual Competition  2019 – 20

The preferences expressed at the recent AGM   have led the Committee to state that the Individual Competition will continue once a month with the Basic Acol system being played by all those taking part, as is already the case in the Final.  Information cards giving details of the Basic Acol system will be placed on each table on Individual evenings and these details will also be placed on the website.  In addition to what is on the information cards Gerber can be used after 1NT and 2NT asking for aces, as 4NT would be quantitive. Until now a player has only been allowed to draw their regular partner once.  This will now be extended to include any player. In other words you will not be able to draw any player more than once during the season.

Again taking into account views expressed, the Committee is encouraging as many people as possible to take part in the Competition to make it more representative of the Membership.  For a trial period of 6 months those not taking part in the Individual competition will be able to play duplicate amongst themselves, using their own systems and if they wish to, can arrange amongst themselves for the results to be worked out. Only slams scored in the Individual Competition will count towards the Slam Competition. If there is an odd player in each section they will pair up and play in the Individual. One odd player will sit in as at present.  These arrangements will be reviewed at the end of the trial period depending upon feedback. Dave Williams has said that he is willing to direct both sets of players on Individual evenings when he is available.

The League Competition

This will continue as normal for this season using the revised scoring system, as teams have already been selected.  The Committee has already stated that where a substitute has to be used, agreement must be reached between team captains.  This competition will be reviewed before the start of next season, again taking Membership feedback into account.

Bassingham Bridge Club Committee