Annual Dinner – Final Reminder

This is a final reminder for the Bassingham Bridge Club Annual Dinner on Friday April 26th at Newark Golf Club. You can arrive any time after 6.45 pm and claim a free drink for you and your partner at the bar. Please be seated in the dining area by 7.25 pm. In case you haven’t been to the golf Club before, as you drive along the drive leading to it, you will come to a barrier. If you drive up close to it, it will open automatically. When you leave at the end of the evening you will need to punch in a code at a keypad on the righthand side. You will be told the code during the evening, or you can ask at the bar. On each table there will be a card showing meal choices on one side and trophy winners and runners up on the other. Dave and Sally will be organising a quiz, so it would be an idea to have a pen or pencil with you.