Random Seeded Teams Sunday 26th February 2023

The draw for the above competition was made in The Bugle Horn following last nights bridge. The teams are as follows:

Team 1:  Dave and Sally Williams/Sheila Henry and Chris Douglas
Team 2:  Barry and Lesley Leverett/Peter and Corinne Cole
Team 3: Roger Baker and Tony Peacock/Rosie Goldingham and David Middlehurst
Team 4:  Anthony and Jean Lyndon-Smith/Julia Wallace and Helen Flarry
Team 5: Tony and Jean Tyler/Jackie Jackson and Jean Bentley
Team 6: Pat Lucas and Carolyn Morant/Liz Ball and Sue Brauer
Team 7: Lynda Foster and Charles Day/Bill and Liz Salmon
Team 8: Nigel and Pat Haslam/Jim Wallace and David Baker
Team 9: Andy Milner and Derrick Hickson/Kate and Dick Earley

A reminder to arrive at Hammond Hall at 1.45 pm for a 2 pm start.